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Bottles Cosmetic Packaging

Bottles for cosmetics
Mod. B179 (200ml)



Botellas para cosmetica
Mod. B16 (150ml)| B113 | B102


Mod. B85 (250ml)


Mod. B189 (400ml) | B95 (200ml) | B94 (100ml)


Mod. B189 (200ml) |B68 (200ml)


Mod. B3 | B2 | B3 | B4


Manufacturers and suppliers specializing in high-end products, all of them are based in Europe.

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    Mod. Patented

    Cosmetic Packaging High Quality in resins according to the EEC legislation:

    PMMA | PET | SAN | PE | PS | SURLIN | PETG | PC | PP | NAS