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Cosmetics Business Live was held at London’s famous Business Design Centre in order to assist you in making the right decisions for 2023 and beyond.

The Future of Packaging | Cosmetic Business UK

The conference and expo gave an opportunity for brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to gather under one roof to learn about the newest trends, share information, and expand their consumer base.

Orean | Faca Packaging | Sample Innovation (Refill Strategies)

Under the packaging vertical, Jesus Beneyto from FACA Packaging, Mark Lockyer (Sampling Innovations) and Dan Williams (Orean) joined moderator Julia Wray (Cosmetics Business) for a FACA-led panel talk on ‘Refill strategies’.

During this spirited discussion, the panel covered the respective benefits and shortfalls of each approach to refillable packaging – at-home, ‘send back’ models and in-store refills – and what might work for which brands. 

The role of refills in the wider context of sustainable packaging solutions was also hashed out.

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